DAY 3 

De notre envoyée spéciale - June
We were up since 2 something am this morning and I finally had the honor of helping launch our secret weapon. Well not that secret anymore as last night our triathlete (meaning sleep-eat-dance, I couldn't resist spelling them out) captain Aymeric ran a #1 in his first leg. Really, the captain wasn't named for nothing! I think between the 2 jokers we caught up some points for SAP.  Well, they'd better!

So to continue from the overnight team B, Pierre was going to run now, in the darkness:

I don't know how he did it. The entire 18km he didn't drink or eat. And I drove 12 km/hr following him, in the darkness. It's very good speed for a long distance dark-runner. However I never imagined that my virgin drive in Europe was going to be like this. How unique (and slow)!

Pierre finished his leg in Chablis. Look what they've already setup?! A stage and a band again. With my excellent photographing skill, you certainly can tell that they are singing, in the early morning darkness:

From here, the duo cyclists took over. Fabien and Paul from team C. I wasn't able to follow them but according to what they told me afterwards, they were ahead of everyone the whole route. I was excited to hear for a second and then remembered these two were real jokers. So you are warned too.

It was still so early. Our captain decided to do something in Chablis. What was he doing? Ask him. You could be rich.